Rocket Health’s Mental Healthcare Report — India, 2022

At Rocket Health, we are building healthcare for millennials and genZ in India — healthcare that is patient-centric, healthcare that comes without stigma and judgements, healthcare with a heart and soul 🧡

Who is seeking online care?

People of all ages come to Rocket Health for mental healthcare — whether they are starting their journey for the first time, are transitioning to digital care from offline care, or just want more from their ongoing journey.

Where are our users coming from?

While people in tier 1 cities in India comprise almost 51% of our users, it is refreshing to see that tier 2 and 3 cities in India are equally accessing care. We all know that there is an unequal distribution of professionals across India with more density in metro cities but the above data just goes on to show that with the help of online care, we are bridging this gap.

What brings them to Rocket Health?

When asked how are you feeling today, a majority of our users answered that they were sad and stressed.

Sexual health Issues are also psychological

Couples therapy is for everyone

The main reasons why users wanted couples’ therapy was either to resolve conflict or to improve communication — both married and unmarried couples seek therapy equally.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) is on the rise

Through our interactions with users who came to us for ADHD concerns, 66% of them were genZ.

  • 78% said that they were unable to unwind and relax
  • 86% of people said that they’ve had trouble wrapping up the final parts of a project once the more challenging parts were done
  • 91% of respondents said that they are restless and fidgety.

How did Rocket Health help in 2022?


We wanted to build something that serves our users beyond the therapy sessions. In July 2022, we started our Cancel Stigma community on Discord where users can hang out, chat, support each other, and participate in events. We held more than 200 free events — from support groups held by psychologists to music sessions to hangouts for more than 3000 people.

Care First

The healthcare system is not built with patient experience at the forefront. At Rocket Health, we are trying to change that. Our robust care team helps ensure that the users have a great experience and that all their queries are sorted out as quickly as possible.

Quality Healthcare

Rocket Health ensures the best possible quality of healthcare for users. We go through a rigorous screening and interview process while onboarding healthcare professionals to our team. This process allows us to gauge if a professional’s working style aligns with our own.



Building Rocket Health | Modernising Healthcare in India

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