Rocket Health: Learnings from our COVID pilot

A look at the insights from our COVID pilot that helped us understand the need of a patient centric future of healthcare in India

A feedback from a patient who benefitted from Rocket Health’s services
  • Unburdening the system — Through tele-consultation, doctors at Rocket Health consulted patients with mild to moderate symptoms virtually, reducing their need for in-person care. This enabled the frontliners to focus more on urgent care. 88% of Rocket Health’s patients were taken care of virtually. As a result, only 12% of our patients required hospital visits.
  • Increasing accessibility — People with mild symptoms were apprehensive about going to hospitals due to overcrowding. That is when Rocket Health came to their rescue. People from all across the country, including metros, tier 3 cities, and remote villages, approached us for consultations. We were amazed to see a merchant navy official (currently in international waters in Mexico) seeking our help. Our services only needed a smartphone and the will to seek help.
  • Providing on-demand care — Throughout the day, doctors at Rocket Health connected with the patients within minutes after them seeking consultation.
  • Easing anxiety — With the rise in COVID cases, anxiety was also on the rise. People were suffering from trauma and the loss of their loved ones. Some people were worried that they might succumb to COVID even though they showed no symptoms. We remember consulting a patient suffering from panic attacks who even got a self-referred HR-CT scan done without any symptoms. Our doctors were able to address these issues and provide guidance.
  • Decrease self-medication Most of our patients were self-medicating themselves. Many were consuming steroids without proper guidance from a certified physician. We warned them about the harmful effects of consuming these drugs without medical guidance.
  • Increase vaccine awareness — We encouraged people to get vaccinated after recovery, shedding misconceptions about the same. We even partnered with an NGO to consult patients from urban slums for vaccination and awareness.
  • Uprooting misinformation and misdiagnosis — Patients in northern India were often seen to be misdiagnosed with typhoid (false typhoid seropositivity has been noticed in COVID-positive patients). We were able to correctly diagnose many such patients who, in turn, tested COVID positive and started urgent treatment for the same.
  • Accelerating early diagnosis and preventing transmission — Our virtual care platform acted as a buffer between a patient and a physical care platform. Doctors at Rocket Health were able to guide patients at an early stage about the importance of isolation, testing, and treatment to halt the spread and severity of the disease.
  • Educating patients about the urgent signs and symptoms — Many patients were unaware that oxygen saturation of less than 92% requires urgent hospitalisation. Our doctors paid particular attention to inform patients about this in every consultation. We have also assisted many patients in recognising signs requiring urgent hospitalisation.
A feedback from a patient who benefitted from Rocket Health’s services

Here are some of our insights:



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